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Blog by: Dave Bowen, Chief Executive Officer of Valet Health

Oct 30, 2023

Why Developing Interviewing and Communication Skills is Critical for Baseball Players. “A CEO’s perspective”

As a baseball player, you may only think about improving your strength, speed, and technique on the field. But have you considered the importance of developing your interviewing and communication skills? They may not seem as glamorous as hitting that game-winning home run, but these skills are vital to your future success on and off the field. This blog post will explore why interviewing and communication skills are critical for baseball players and how you can start developing them today.

1. Interviews are Part of the Game
If you’re a talented baseball player, you’ll likely be approached by college or professional scouts who want to learn more about you. This means that interviews are a part of the game, whether you like it or not. If you don’t have strong interviewing skills, you may be unable to effectively communicate your strengths, goals, and values to the interviewer. By developing your interviewing skills, you’ll be better equipped to handle any interview, making you a more attractive prospect to college recruiters and professional scouts.

2. Effective Communication Leads to Better Teamwork
Baseball is a team sport; effective communication is critical to success on and off the field. Effective communication will help you build stronger relationships, work together more cohesively, and achieve your shared goals, whether you’re talking to your coach, teammates, or opponents. By improving your communication skills, you’ll be able to express your ideas clearly, listen more effectively to others, and collaborate more successfully with your team.

3. Communication Skills Can Help You in Life After Baseball
While you may be laser-focused on your baseball career right now, it’s important to remember that there’s life after baseball. One day, you’ll need to navigate job interviews, communicate effectively with colleagues, and build relationships with clients or customers. Developing strong communication skills now can help you prepare for that future, making you a more valuable and successful professional.

4. Practice Makes Perfect
Like any skill, interviewing and communication skills take practice to develop and refine. Start small by paying attention to how you communicate with others daily. Think about your tone, body language, and the words you use to express yourself. Focus on active listening, asking questions, and expressing your ideas clearly and succinctly. And don’t be afraid to seek feedback and guidance from coaches, mentors, and other trusted advisors.

5. Embrace Your Uniqueness
Finally, remember that your unique personality, experiences, and skills make you stand out as a baseball player. Celebrate what makes you different and learn how to communicate it effectively to potential recruiters and coaches. By embracing your unique qualities and building your communication and interviewing skills, you’ll be better positioned to achieve your dreams on and off the field.

As a baseball player, there’s no denying that you have a lot on your plate. But suppose you want to be a truly successful player. In that case, it’s important to remember that so much of your success depends on your ability to communicate effectively and confidently in handling interviews. By making a concerted effort to develop your interviewing skills, practice effective communication, and embrace your unique talents and qualities, you’ll be better positioned for success both in your baseball career and in life.

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