Welcome to the Florida Baseball Ranch® DuraCatch™ System.  This is a fully integrated experience for catchers to improve their skills by being interactive with our elite instructors and video library.  In addition to skill training, catchers will have access to catching specific high performance training blocks designed with catching development focus.  Sign up today to be a part of our DuraCatch™ System and train with the pros today as spots are limited.

What is DuraCatch™?

The Florida Baseball Ranch® DuraCatch™ Training System is a revolutionary and hyper-personalized training program for catchers of all levels looking to elevate their training led by our team of instructors.  The program is designed to be interactive for each member to be able to access our professional instructors to enhance the online platform for training.  You can upload videos and exchange training notes back and forth with our instructors to help optimize your training and take your game behind the plate to the next level.
The DuraCatch™ Training System focuses on:
  • Foundations of Catching
  • Skill Acquisition
  • Skill Enhancement
  • Strength Training specific for Catchers
  • Flexibility & Stabilization
  • Khaos Training for Catchers
  • Mental Skill Training
  • Game Prep & Game Calling
The goal is to be able to provide the most in-depth database of drills that are designed using the methods of the top catchers in baseball.  Our staff are all Major League employees who streamline the most advanced training techniques used by the top catchers in the game to you—the catchers of the future!

Why Become a DuraCatch™ Member?

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Photo Dec 12, 4 19 28 PM
Eddy Instructing
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Being a member of The Florida Baseball Ranch® DuraCatch™ Training System gives you access to:
  • DuraCatch™ Drill Video Library
      • Stances
      • Receiving
      • Blocking
      • Throwing
  • DuraCatch™ online Instruction with Eddy Rodriguez & Greg Brown
  • DuraCatch™ Arm Care & Throwing Drills for Catchers designed by Ron Wolforth, founder of the Texas Baseball Ranch®
  • DuraCatch™ Strength & Conditioning Programs designed by Dylan Cintula
  • DuraCatch™ Bi-Weekly Communication to all Members
  • MLB & MiLB Catcher Specific Highlight Plays
  • DuraCatch™ Newsletter “Quarterly” 
  • DuraCatch™ Blogs “Monthly” 
  • DuraCatch™ Training Blocks

Our goal is to create a process and environment for YOU! We are going to meet you where you are at and help you get to where you want to go as a catcher.

“Greg Brown developed me into the catcher I am today. I’ve worked with Brownie for many years and I still learn something new everytime we work together. His understanding for receiving, blocking, throwing and game calling helped me continue to grow in the game. Greg Brown will definitely teach your catcher something new he can implement into his game.”-Jake Anchia Seattle Mariners C 
-2018 Draft-7th Round to SEA
-NSU Baseball 2016-2018
-2018 Rawlings Gold Glove Winner-NCAA DII Catcher
-2016 National Champion