What is DuraHit™?

DuraHit+ is a remote coaching system developed by Major League Hitting Coach Greg Brown with the help of our experts at the Florida Baseball Ranch. Our innovative partner app (OnForm) guides you through our DuraHit+ training regimen while connecting you with our trained staff. Get expert feedback from anywhere in the world!

The DuraHit™ Training System focuses on:

  • To elevate player development, create a contemporary learning environment by fusing expert coaching, drills, and a constraint-led approach with cutting-edge technology. This holistic approach fosters an optimal learning experience for the athletes, paving the way for success both on and off the field.
  • Assist individuals of all ages in attaining their aspirations and ambitions.
  • Develop batters who possess knowledge of their swings and can optimize their abilities.
  • Join forces with the top skill and mental coaches worldwide, courtesy of the Florida Baseball Ranch. Access our webinars, blogs, and multimedia resources for an unparalleled training experience. 

What can you expect when becoming a DuraHit™ Member!

Comprehensive Assessment

Once a member, you can record your swing from the “open” side and upload it to your unique channel on our video editing app, OnForm. Our swing analyzer will scrutinize your submission and provide a comprehensive breakdown within 3-4 business days.

Use the app to monitor your development with weekly video uploads for assessment and to ask our instructors any questions. FBR staff, led by Greg Brown, will guide your progress with re-assessments and prescription of drill packages and progressions. Let us help you perfect your swing and reach peak performance!

The Florida Baseball Ranch Approach

Every player is unique and our goal is to meet them where they are in their development and be able to bring them to new heights.  Our process is based on the teachings of master coach Ron Wolforth of the Texas Baseball Ranch and centered around this performance cycle:

From our initial DuraHit+ Assessment to every future coaching opportunity of your athlete we follow this model:

  1. Assess
  2. Categorize
  3. Customize
  4. Prioritize

Then the athlete can incorporate our training into their training regimen.  After a designated period of time, refilm the swing and our staff will reassess the progress and towards further enhancement of the athlete.

Custom Programming

In our program, we believe each player is unique. Our main objective is to help you reach your full potential by improving your athleticism and efficiency. With our assessment, we can identify your areas of improvement and provide you with drill progressions that reinforce your swing fundamentals. Our end goal is to instill in you the key foundations of hitting and to develop you as a player. By improving your foundation, we can continue to advance you as a hitter by creating a detailed programming plan and ongoing assessments. This approach will sharpen your understanding of your swing and elevate you to become your personal best-hitting coach.

The OnForm App for DuraHit+ Members

After subscribing to DuraHit+, we’ll send you a link to download and register on the OnForm app. As a member of our channel, you can create a unique connection for your athlete. This channel is the direct line of communication for uploading videos, asking questions, and interacting with the FBR Staff.

Our goal is to create a process and environment for YOU! We are going to meet you where you are at and help you get to where you want to go as a player.

“Greg Brown developed me into the catcher I am today. I’ve worked with Brownie for many years and I still learn something new everytime we work together. His understanding for receiving, blocking, throwing and game calling helped me continue to grow in the game. Greg Brown will definitely teach your catcher something new he can implement into his game.”-Jake Anchia Seattle Mariners C 
-2018 Draft-7th Round to SEA
-NSU Baseball 2016-2018
-2018 Rawlings Gold Glove Winner-NCAA DII Catcher
-2016 National Champion