Established in 2021

The Florida Baseball Ranch® combines the most elite catching online platform, Elite Catcher Boot Camps, and individualized training.  30+ of our students have gone on to play collegiately or drafted. Our methods and techniques have trained some of the top athletes in college and professional baseball.  Ranch students have increased their proficiency in receiving, blocking, and throwing through our methodology of skill acquisition.  At The Florida Baseball Ranch®, we count almost EVERYTHING. We lead the world in the objective measurement of baseball catching training. Every single day we are transforming the lives of young men all around the world by refusing to place athletes in boxes, refusing to use and except traditional labels, refusing to strictly choreograph everybody’s movement or force athletes into one size fits all programs. The Florida Baseball Ranch® is about the hyper-personalization of training protocols and the customization of personal training regimens.

The Florida Baseball Ranch® is the place an athlete can dream as big as his work ethic will allow! It is a place of great hope, high expectations and even greater passion, energy, and encouragement. As a partner of the The Texas Baseball Ranch®, the mission is to deliver a place where individualized development of the athlete is paramount free of all the negativity, pessimism and bad coaching the real-world dishes out. 

Who Wrote That Rule?

  • Why not you? Why can’t you control the game with your receiving? Who wrote THAT rule?
  • Why not you? Why can’t you have a sub 2.0 pop-time and AND have great command to the bag to throw runners out? Who wrote THAT rule?
  • Why not you? Why can’t you improve your skills AND have a healthy durable arm? Who wrote THAT rule?
  • Why not you? Why can’t you improve in the three main facets of catching – Receiving, Blocking, and Throwing?  Who wrote THAT rule?
Who Do We Work With? Who are Our Chosen Clients?

Here at the The Florida Baseball Ranch® we work ONLY with ‘special’ athletes. What exactly does “special” mean to us?

  • You have a natural love of baseball and catching.
  • You habitually do your homework.
  • You have grit. You are persistent, resilient, and tenacious as far as your approach to development.
  • You have a rage to master.
  • You are low maintenance.
  • You have a burning desire to grow and improve.
  • You are open, curious and are a ‘learner’ vs. a ‘knower’
  • You have parents that are supportive but not intrusive.




DuraCatch™ & DuroThrow™ Specialist

Garrett Wolforth

Strength & Conditioning

Dylan Cintula

Instructor & Social Media Coordinator

Michael Hernandez

Instructor & Mental Training Coordinator